Admiring the wit of Balinese carving in Bali.

Admiring the wit of Balinese carving in Bali.



Anna's work has included the following areas:

  • coach actors to release their blocks to creativity
  • senior voice dialogue facilitator
  • 1 & 2 hour sessions: voice dialogue and/or energetics
  • group seminars in voice dialogue
  • women's groups
  • travel/cultural seminars (national/international)
  • anthropological documentarian

What is Voice Dialogue?

Voice Dialogue and the Aware Ego, continually developed by Hal and Sidra Stone since 1972, is a technique for exploring our inner selves. It is a technique to find where some ‘parts,’ or sub-personalities, conflict with other ‘parts’ thereby blocking creative life expression. It is a facilitated process whereby unknown abilities and desires are discovered in a respectful way and given freedom to be expressed

This technique brings awareness and more choice to the theater of life and all the roles we play.  “The Devil made me do it.” Well, not so.  It was simply a self, a part, of you that may be unconsciously rebellious or angry. A sub-personality that could only behave inappropriately, sometimes embarrassingly, since it didn’t have an appropriate way to express itself.  Finding this part gives it a way to be appropriately expressed.

Dynamics and patterns of interactive communications are made clear in learning about selves with this technique.  An expanded capacity of expression occurs.  A deeper meaning in life then begins when you have more choice by recognizing and having the ability to change patterns in your life.