In the late 60's, worked as an actress with the Dallas Theater Center Repertory Company. Became an assistant to Burgess Meredith there. Was mentored there by Juana de Laban. Taught Laban Efforts as movement for actors as well as for dance therapy work at the Timberlawn Psychiatric Facility.

Mentored by Hal and Sidra Stone. Began individual and group facilitation and teaching Voice Dialogue nationally and internationally in the early '80's. Initiated the first traveling Voice Dialogue seminars in NYC, NY for and with Hal Stone. Now does private Personal Development sessions, using Psychology of the Selves through Voice Dialogue for an Aware Ego and Pattern Recognition. In her healing practice, she also uses modes of acting technique and energetic and shamanic healing. 

Introduced Voice Dialogue technique to acting mentor Eric Morris in California, which led to his adding an acting "Choice Approach" to his other techniques. She taught the Eric Morris Acting Technique in New York in the 1980's.


Has led group cultural/spiritual tour and residential seminars. Has led women's groups in both weekly and retreat forms in USA, Barbados, Indonesia, and Israel. She teaches actors Voice Dialogue and Aware Ego as an acting technique and Personal Development process. Has led and taught Rituals for Healing.

Has made documentary films of traditional spiritual healing ethnologies in Bali and in the Dani Tribe of Irian Jaya. Studied healing and metaphysical arts of tribes and bee shamanism.

Mentored by Dr. Brugh Joy and Carolyn Conger in energetic healing and dream study. Has also studied internationally with ethnic healers, Shamans and Dukuns. Has researched anthropology and studied ethnography in relation to Media Studies. Studied with Juana de Laban, Jean Erdman, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Stan Groff and in Jungian Foundation Seminars.

In Thailand, she was asked if she would like to experience the feeling of a live snake.

In Thailand, she was asked if she would like to experience the feeling of a live snake.